The Shocking Dangers Of Marijuana Addiction – What Effect Is Weed Having On Your Body and Mind?

Firstly, I will openly admit that the toxicity levels of weed are extremely low, and this is probably why no-one has actually died directly from its medical or recreational use. However, there are certain dangers of marijuana addiction, and it is these that I wish to discuss in today’s article.

Many people choose to smoke weed, and so you should be aware that smoking of any kind is unhealthy. In fact, smoking cannabis is estimated to be up to 4 times more harmful than tobacco smoke. If you add to this that most weed users tend to inhale and hold in the smoke for longer, the build up of tar in the lungs is far greater than produced by cigarettes full spectrum cbd vape.

If you choose to combine tobacco and marijuana, then this is obviously much worse. Heavy smokers who mix cannabis and tobacco are dramatically increasing their risk of lung disease, and there have been numerous scientific studies that agree that mixing these two substances causes the highest risk of cancer.

There are, of course, numerous other lung-related problems that can be caused by smoking marijuana. These may include chronic coughing, an increased build up of phlegm, and various lung infections and chest illnesses. Any of these respiratory issues can cause severe problems in your everyday life.

The dangers of marijuana addiction are not merely restricted to your lungs, but are also known to cause certain heart problems as well. It is said that simply taking one puff on a weed joint can see your heart rate increase by anywhere from 20% – 100%, and this increased heart rate may last for up to two to three hours.

As you may expect, this will put extreme pressure on your heart, and can even lead to cardiac arrhythmia (an irregular heart beat). This will, of course, increase the risk of a heart attack. You don’t have to be old or overweight, and are just as likely to have a heart attack if you are in fairly good shape, but smoke marijuana on a regular basis.

The dangers of marijuana addiction will also have a huge impact on your everyday life. If you are a heavy and regular weed smoker, I would hazard a guess that your cognitive abilities have been impaired. How often have you read an article in a newspaper, and then suddenly a few minutes later you realize that you didn’t actually understand a word? Perhaps your verbal skills have been affected, or you are struggling with basic arithmetic.

If you need to complete a task that requires great coordination, you might as well forget about it if you have just smoked marijuana. Eventually, through regular use of weed you may become extremely unmotivated, you can’t be bothered to do anything constructive, and this may have a huge impact on your school or work life. I don’t need to tell you how disastrous it would be to get thrown out of school or lose your job because of a marijuana addiction.

Another common side-effect of weed is paranoia. This is usually accompanied by feelings of anxiety, panic, and possibly depression. Admittedly, these feelings should soon pass once you have come down from your “high”. You should be aware that these feelings of paranoia, anxiety and panic will have a severe effect on your everyday life, and are simply holding you back.

Heavy cannabis or weed use is also associated with schizophrenia, although I should mention that there is no evidence to suggest that this will cause some form of permanent psychotic disorder. However, many weed smokers have suffered from delusions and hallucinations that can be extremely dangerous.

Imagine if you are diagnosed, incorrectly, with a schizophrenic illness simply because you smoke too much weed. We are well aware that cannabis can have certain effects on your mental well-being, but this is definitely not a position you want to find yourself in.

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