I wondered if I would go back to Venetian, where I was squirmed without a harvest, or would I find another casino?

I wondered if I would go back to Venetian, where I was squirmed without any harvest or to find another casino. I thought about it and asked the agent where it was ok. I said that the Galaxy was all right, so I turned to the Galaxy.

The atmosphere was good as soon as I entered the VIP room. People shouted everywhere, and everyone looked good. I felt like winning today. I picked a good place to choose from, and sat down at the table with the side rows.

A Chinese lady struck her 100,000 red-haired daughters in the middle of the line 카지노. I bet 30,000 red daughters in the side row drawing. In other words, I bet against the Chinese lady. The result is a Chinese lady wins Baccarat

As soon as the picture suddenly broke and sat down, I wanted to do this. I felt like I wanted to go out alone because of this good mood. I wanted to stop my stubbornness and follow my sweet lady today.

A Chinese lady hit a cane to see if she felt strongly that the line would come down .

200,000 red daughter

I just went 3 fixed boats.

I ate again.

The Chinese lady was also raking her 400,000, and she didn’t wash well, so she bet. We eat 800,000 and 1.6 million and 3 million and max was 3 million tables.

17 players came out like that.

Starting with her 100,000 red daughters, I picked up 36.1 million red daughters, so I fixed them so I ate 150,000 meals 15 times and totaled 450,000.

The next time you saw a chip, it was bitter and bitter.

Ah, I couldn’t get my hand out because the betting was soggy.

Suddenly I saw an agent and the tantrum was crowded. I was complained about why I didn’t go further. Of course I can’t think of it, but I’m a human, so I can’t compare 450,000 red daughters to 36.1 million red daughters. I tried to comfort myself that there are a lot of 450,000 red daughters, but is that it?

Everyone’s mind is the same. It’s a baccarat that greed never ends 카지노사이트.

Anyway, after 450,000 degrees today, I think that even if I play more games, I think the game won’t work. So, I’m just going to go to the sauna and relax.

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